The comprehensive ESL Yoga study book for ESL teachers and students



  • 28 lesson plans (over 108 teaching English as a Second Language hours)

  • Lesson plans on
    • Introduction to Yoga: What is Yoga?, Yoga is for everybody!, Alignment, Styles of Yoga, What are the Chakras?
    • The Chakras: The root chakra, The life chakra, The self-confidence chakra, The heart chakra, The throat chakra, The perception chakra, The lotus chakra
    • The eight limbed path: What is the eight limbed path?, The Yamas, The Niyamas, Asana – Yoga postures, Pranayama – Yoga breath, Mindfulness Practices, Enlightenment, Lifestyle, Ayurveda – the science of life, Air, Fire, Earth
      The Bhagavad Gita, Living Yoga
    • Anatomy – the body: Yoga anatomy, Stress and the body, Subtle body anatomy
  • All lesson plans include reading, writing, conversation, grammar, vocabulary exercises and mindfulness/meditation activities and peer teaching activities.
  • Recommended ESL level: intermediate/advanced


Dear English teacher, dear English student

The ESL Yoga Study Book is a comprehensive DOWNLOADABLE, PRINTABLE and READY-TO-TEACH/STUDY lesson plan package that helps you to improve your English while learning about Yoga!

To use it you don’t have to be a Yoga teacher. You only need to be interested in Yoga. The study book consists of 175 pages, so you have to be very interested in Yoga.

To improve your English I have added many reading, writing, speaking, grammar, vocabulary, gap-fill etc. activities, so you can practice your English in the context of Yoga! This is helpful if you’re training to become a Yoga teacher and English is your second language. You will also find it useful if you’re an English teacher who would like to include Yoga in their lessons.

At the end of each lesson plan, your students will have the opportunity to reflect on their learning and self-asses their progress.

The outline of topics follows the curriculum of a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Program (Yoga Alliance registered), so you can use it also as a supplement for a Yoga Teacher Training.

PS: Once you have purchased the study book, you will be sent a link so you can start to download the study book. If you’d rather had a word version, please contact me!