ESL Yoga for ECE educators

In spring this year I taught a mini ESL Yoga teacher training for ECE educators. I was collaborating with a student placement agency for this course who brought students from Japan who came to Canada for a work placement at a day care. In the afternoon, they joined me to learn how to teach young children English and Yoga.

Check out their feedback on these videos: 




I often wish my parents had told me about Yoga and the benefits of mindfulness. I am sure I would have gone through school with a lot less stress and insecurity! Had I known about Yoga and mindfulness I would have been healthier, more confident and happier in my youth. These qualities came to my life when I was in my late twenties, because this is when my doctor, not my parents or teachers, told me to do Yoga and practice mindfulness.

I taught this course for non-English speaking ECE educators to 

  • teach four ESL Yoga® and mindfulness activities as part of the daily routine at your daycare while teaching some English vocabulary
  • learn how to practice Yoga and mindfulness with your child at home?

We discussed how Yoga, mindfulness and English skills can change a child’s life:

  • A deeper understanding of the body and mind improves a child’s self-esteem, health, concentration and positive outlook on life
  • A good grasp of the English language opens a child’s mind to new cultures, communities and prepares them for a life and school in an English speaking country
  • Brings FUN and PLAY to a child’s natural desire for learning

In lectures, group work, homework assignments and experiential activities ECE educators learned: 

  • How to teach four Yoga and Mindfulness activities in English
  • The basics of teaching Yoga and English as a Second Language in combination
  • How to integrate Yoga and Mindfulness activities into the daily routine of your daycare or life at home
  • How to plan an effective ESL Yoga activity and how to assess learning
  • How to instruct Yoga in appropriate language that considers the child’s cognitive, physical and linguistic development
  • How to create a learning environment that is based in community, cultural inclusion and respect for others as well as the self
  • The basics of anatomy, child development and how these aspects apply to ESL Yoga