Idiom: It’s a small world

I just wanted to share a little story with you to explain the idiom “It’s a small world”.

Last year I was featured in a guide book. The guide was written for Japanese people who intend to visit Vancouver. The feature shows how I do a couple of Yoga poses at Open Door Yoga where I teach.

ESLYogablogFast forward a couple of months. I was subbing a Yoga class at a gym in my neighborhood. After class, one of the students, she was Japanese, came up to me and told me she recognized me. I answered, “Really? It’s a small world!

Much to my surprise she had seen me in the guide book while she was in Japan visiting her family.Featured in

The idiom “It’s a small world” is an expression to show our surprise at how seemingly unconnected people and places are indeed connected. I would have never expected anybody to recognize me in Vancouver from a picture in a Japanese guidebook!

Have you ever experienced something like this? Have you ever met a friend or relative in an unlikely place? Post your story to the ESL Yoga Facebook page.